Monday, June 20, 2011

Serene spaces..

Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha said, "However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?"

On the same note, when I read about Colours Dekor's Buddha Scapes, as a Buddha lover (who does not like that peaceful, serene, calm man), 'I had to act on upon it' :-). So I thought I will post few Buddha elements present in my home.

(The pic is in fact a mirror reflection..)
In the background is an acrylic painting that I made
I felt the sunshine (sort of thing) is adding to the frame :-)

Imparting blessings..
Awakened one..Buddha..
Buddha on a carved globe 
Tara, the female Buddha as per Vajrayana Buddhism
Oṃ tāre tuttāre ture svāhā
I am leaving you with this beautiful chant, it is amazingly soothing. When I had been to Kathmandu, all you listen to everywhere is this chant, all shops, vendors, temples play this. I was transfixed by this mantra, though I did not know anything about 'Om mani padme hum' then. I came back and researched a lot in Google to find what it is all about. Let this Tibetan Buddhism mantra help you relax and enjoy your day..

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After that small introduction to my decoupage mission, here is the post on the actual work I did. :-) I could not wait to share the pictures and I loved all the excited comments I received for the last post. Good to know some friends share the same kind of excitement :-) You all keep me motivated to try something new.

And Thank you Vineeta, you are my inspiration for this.

Here are the pictures, hope you all like it. :-)

Simple isn't it. But don't you all love to see our dear Kaliya, Doob Doob, Shambu and Tantri, the Mantri :-) I wanted the coasters to carry a theme and did not want to decoupage some random designs. My first option was to tear pages of an old fiction which had faded pages, but thankfully I did not find it. While searching for it, I stumbled upon Tinkle (Yes, I still read Tinkle ;) and I am proud of it lol). I did not have to think for too long after that. Sadly Suppandi was not there. I tried to 'cut and paste' some interesting conversations - like Kaliya saying - "I must warn my friends" (I loved it), legendary "I will be the king, at last!" and Shambu blowing his own trumpet saying, "My fame has spread so far and wide".
Hope I lived up to all the excitement and hope you all liked it :-)

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Simran's Giveaway and my decoupage!

Simz Corner is 100 posts old. Congratulations Simran, 100, Wow!
Simran is giving away awesome handmade pouches made by Kanika Bahl of Anek Designs. Even though I am spreading the word about it, I wish it came to me LOL ;), coz I loved them.

So after my last post, I wanted to do something really "creative" :-). Ever since I found Artnlight and Vineeta's lovely decoupaged trays and other stuff, I have been dying to try my hands on it. I bought my modge podge several months ago and since then tried doing few stuff on bottles and things, but wanted to do something more solid and serious. So few days back I went to Staples and got these decoupage coasters and dumped it into my stationery shelf and happily forgot about it. Then recently I went to Orange Bicycle and found the Artnlight trays and decided to make use of the Modge Podge and the coasters. So today, I finally decoupaged!!!
I am so happy with the result and can't wait to post photos. But unfortunately my camera is travelling (along with my husband), so photos coming up in a couple of days. The theme I chose is very very Indian and all my blogosphere friends who grew up in India will definitely connect with it and hopefully like them, so I believe :-) 
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